That Thing You Do; Tanny McGregor–Becoming A Decelerated Reader

This is a repost of a piece Tanny McGregor graciously wrote for Collaborate. Innovate. Create. a little over a year ago. Tanny was so kind to mention this to a room full of educators at a recent NCTE affiliate conference in Texas, NTCTELA. It’s a perfect post to revisit. Thank you, my dear friend! I’m […]

That Thing You Do! Alison Capasso–Literacy: Let’s Talk About It!

Getting Kids Talking About Reading In Your Classroom

Today’s That Thing You Do! segment is authored by Ali Capasso. Ali teaches 2nd grade on our Title I campus. I’m excited for Ali to share her wisdom about facilitating an environment where readers talk about the books they’re reading. You can follow Ali on Twitter @MrsCapasso Every day, Timothy stops by my door.  We […]

That Thing You Do! Andi Spaulding–Moving Kindergarten Writers Toward Independence

That Thing You Do! segment posted on Thursdays throughout this year took a short hiatus while I wrapped up end-of-school tasks. I’m so pleased today to showcase a teacher on our campus who worked tirelessly this year setting new goals for herself and her young writers. Andi Spaulding is a kindergarten teacher on the PreK-6 […]

The Money Teachers Spend on Their Own Classrooms—What’s the ROI?

HuffPost published a piece in August 2015 on the amount of money that teachers spend on their classrooms. They created a hashtag, #mymoneymyclass, on Facebook and Twitter inviting teachers to share how much they had spent in getting ready for the 2015-2016 school year. I’ve read similar articles that estimate the average dollar amount teachers […]

They’re Never Too Old; Reading Picture Books to Big Kids

They sit on the floor in front of me eagerly waiting for me to turn the page. They’ve made predictions, shared ideas they’re inferring, made connections to the poetry and informational texts we’ve read this week. They ask if the author has written other books. There’ve been so many questions. Questions that led us to […]

A Different Kind of Advocacy–Engaging Texts for All Our Readers

Just this weekend I listened to Cornelius Minor’s interview at Heinemann and I can’t stop thinking about the power of advocating for our students. If you have not yet listened to the podcast or at least read the transcript, do that ASAP. It’s a game changer. The personal work that Mr. Minor is intentionally doing […]